Friday, April 4, 2008

Lollypop faces!

lollypop faces!
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I love this photo. Even though they were all windblown and therefore a little (ok a lot!) hyped up a nice combination of all the sugar they were consuming and the wind it still captures my girls looking very happy! I am actually a little sad today that my two weeks of school and kinder holidays with them has now come to an end!! I really enjoy having them home, but im sure it will be great for them to get back into the rountine of school and kinder!! One day in the not too distant future i will lose all my babies to school! ARGGGHHH!!!


my cupcakes
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Well i really cant get into the blogging thing but im still plodding along trying to get my grove!! This photo is from the cupcake course i went to on monday night and today is friday!!! I have no excuses just havent got around to blogging!!

I had heaps of fun Monday night and learnt a bit too! Am hoping to make some more cupcakes this weekend so maybe, just maybe, ill post some more photos soon!!

That is all for now!