Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All TIE'd up!

This is just a really quuick post with a photo i wanted to share! I sent my girls today in their winter uniform , since Melbourne has been soooo cold and this is the first time C has worn it! Isnt she soooo cute! (biased mummy moment!!) I think she is growing up soooo fast this year!! Where has my little girl gone! (Well actually she is still little as you can see the dress is HUGE on her...and i think i definitely need to take it up!)

I love the cooler weather for being all snuggly in warm clothes and hot cocoa (a fave lately of my girls!) and also cos its good weather for baking!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well since i am well and truely addicted to making pj's (well for the moment anyway :)) this afternoon i decided to make Caitlyn and Kai (my nephew) some since they use the same pattern size that i had already cut out for Eleisha thus making it easier!  I bought some flannel from spotlight today which was a bargain only $3 a meter so i got some to make these pj's!  I made a tear on Caitlyn's pj's when i had to unpick a mistake (ooops! im such a newbie!!) so i couldnt finish hers until i go back to spotlight to get some more fabric!! I think thats all i know who wear a size 4 so i might need to trace the pattern again to make some different sizes!!!

Anyway i didnt get to give them to my nephew tonight as i finished them too late and he was already in bed but i thought id take some pics before i gave them to him, hopefully his mum will take a pic for me of him wearing them (hint hint Tra!).  

An up close of the flannel and the stars!

Im sure ill be back again soon posting more pj's! HAPPY SEWING :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

oliver + s bedtime story pajamas!

Well as most of you know i have spend a good part of a couple of days trying to make these gorgeous pyjamas!! As per usual it took me longer than i first thought, basically because i am so VERY new to sewing and i find tracing and cutting the pattern takes ages too!!

So here is a pic of the pattern i bought, its so cute!! I bought on the recommendation of a few lovely ladies. You can check out another blog with these pj's here!

And here is Eleisha modeling the finished product!! They are a little too big ( i made her a size 4 which is her size so i do think this pattern is a little larger if you are planning on making them!). I still have 2 more pairs to make for my other girls so hopefully it will mean i will get quicker at making them by the end of it all! Eleisha chose this fabric, i wasn't too sure on it but she was adamant that it was what she wanted for her pj's!!

So there you have them, i made a few mistakes making these and the end product is far from perfect but E loves them and cant wait to wear them to bed tonight! In fact when she first saw them this morning she said they were her karate pyjamas! LOL!

I have 2 other oliver + s patterns here to make, so once i finish the pj's i cant wait to get started on them!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick pic...

Not much really to share today, thought i would post this funny pic of my girls at swimming lessons yesterday! We are well and truely back into the swing of school now, with all the after school activities beginning! I am enjoying being back in routine, i think we all function better with it!

Hannah resumed swimming lessons yesterday and is doing well. Caitlyn had her first swimming lesson (we finally convinced her it has taken us 2 years for her to be brave enough for swimming lessons!) She must have done something right as she ended up with 2 certificates at the end of the lesson!! YAY CAITLYN! Eleisha is also doing swimming lessons on a Monday during the day, as it then fills up some time with her during the day and gives her something else to look forward to when the girls are at school! I think that 3 year old kinder should be more than one session a week!!!

Anyway i am trying to sew some pj's at the moment, they are proving a little harder than anticipated but hopefully will be back later with some pics of the final product!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A sneak peek!

Yesterday was my sisters wedding!!  It was a wonderful day and i had a blast at the reception and paid for it today :-) 

I thought i would share a couple of pics with everyone. I helped take the photos yesterday (and am thankful i am NOT a wedding photographer as i definitely felt completely out of my comfort zone!

Me trying to be artistic lol...

This is my neice and nephew (bride and grooms children).  I was having trouble getting a nice pic of them together then T spontaneously kisses E on the cheek...so cute!

The happy couple

These are the cupcakes i made for her wedding cake...

My gorgeous nephew

Jane in the mustang on the way...

I just LOVE this photo! This is my nana and pa dancing on the dance floor.  Pa was telling me earlier that he now has 27 GREAT grandchildren!! WOW!

Anyway thats all for this sneak peek, might post more at a later date!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


50th post on my blog!

I am celebrating 50 posts on my blog! YAY! I think its fair to say i am addicted to blogging - and i have all of you to thank!  I love receiving comments on my posts but most of all i LOVE all the inspiration and motivation i gain from reading other blogs!

I made another margaret bag, this time i made it smaller and with a longer strap so that it can go across my body! YAY I LOVE IT!! I much prefer this fabric too, its more subtle and more likely that i will use this one!! The other one is still too bold for my liking so i am not sure what to do with it! Hopefully give it away to someone who will make use of it!

Here are some pics of my new bag...

And again THANK YOU to my blogging friends...and celebrating 50 posts with me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Margaret Sling Bag

So, i FINALLY finished this bag that i was meant to be making as part of a March sewing challenge!! I definitely can see now i was being over ambitious to think i would get this bag sewn in March as i had waaaaay too much on already! But, i finished it, with a few challenges along the way and i think i might make another one soon {gasp}! Im not too sure i like the fabric i chose and i have some yummy fabric waiting so i might sew another one for me to use...or maybe the fabric will grow on me - who knows!

Here is the tutorial, and free pattern in case you would like to make one too!!

Margaret Sling Bag Tutorial

And some pics of the finished project!

And the pockets on the inside of the bag

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to all my blogging friends, hope you all had a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A quick post...

Tonight just a really quick post as its late, but wanted to share a pic with you all! I am LOVING this cooler weather! Last night before we headed out, the girls all got on their flannel pj's and dressing gowns and slippers and i just had to take a pic! They looked all warm and snuggly and i wanted to just snuggle with them on the couch! I LOVE IT! One of my fav things about the cooler weather!

Anyway here is the pic of my gorgeous girls...{LOVE}

Oh one more thing, last week my 2 little girls got their ears pierced, so this is the first photo on my blog of them! They are super proud of having earings and happily tell everyone they didnt cry :-)

Til next blog...Happy warm winter snuggling :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An old chair....

I got this old chair from my MIL about a month ago. We went to her house to collect some things that she was going to get rid of and i rescued this little old chair from the tip pile and have been meaning to fix it up.

Today, well actually it was about 4pm this afternoon, i got motivated to finally sand it back and repaint it. I also decided to make a cushion and a cushion cover to tie it to the newly painted chair!

This is the end result, quite cute (no way near perfect!) for a couple of hours of my time!

Here is the next project on my list, i have had this cradle since before christmas. I picked it up from an op shop (ich liebe op shops!!) for $7 which i thought was better than the $70 i saw a really cute dolls cradle for in the toy shop! Hopefully i will get to this one too in the next couple of weeks. Any ideas or suggestions let me know :-) ...and yes the dog and butterfly will def be going!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Athletics Carnival!

Today the girls had their athletics day. It started straight after their Easter Chapel service this morning and went until the finish of school. It was a long, fun and VERY exhausting day for all of us. The girls loved that i stayed all day and watched all their events and i know that not all mums have the opportunity to do that so i feel blessed that i can!

Caitlyn got a first in relay race and a second in long jump! Not bad for probably one of the smallest preps!! Hannah also got a second in relay! Very proud mum moment!

Here are a few pics from our day...

Caitlyn doing her high jump!

Hannah doing relay

Hannah doing long jump

Caitlyn doing long jump

The girls at home once they had finished their ice creams!!