Friday, May 29, 2009

Stripwork Skirt...and some funny moves!

I have had this pattern since before i even had a sewing machine! Yes thats right, before!!! I was keen and loved the pattern so i bought it online. I was meaning to make it up in beautiful summer girly colours but i ran out of time and here we are heading into winter...

So i found this fabric on etsy the other week and just fell in love with it! So different from the pinks and girly colours i usually buy the girls and i thought it was gorgeous autumn/winter colours so i bought it!! The fabric is Timeless Treasures Fabric - Apple Family. Here is a pick of my stash!

I finished the skirt earlier in the week and decided to applique an owl onto a plain white top! The applique i messed around with a bit and had ditzy moments trying to remember how to do it (i will blame it on the really bad cold im enduring this week!!!) so today i quickly finished the applique as Eleisha had been promised all week she could wear it to Aunty Tracey's birthday lunch today!!! (note to self: dont make promises to 3 year olds!) So i let her wear it but i am yet to stitch around the applique yet but E didnt notice!! :-)

Here are a few very quick pics i took of you can see E was far from wanting to be cooperative in letting me take some nice pics of her and the outfit!!

Am hoping to sew up a jacket to match this outfit...

Monday, May 25, 2009


Just a quick post to show a pic of my new tattoo that i got done on the weekend. It was part of my mothers day present only had to wait a few weeks to get a weekend appointment so hubby could come along!

I wasn't worried about the pain at all but hubby (who got one done about 4 years ago) was trying to freak me out the morning of getting it done, i think he was just worried that i didn't realise it was going to hurt!!! Anyway it did hurt a bit for the outline but nothing like any other pain i can describe and it was bearable...the colouring in part was fine. I watched the whole time (i too also watch whenever i have a blood test etc it doesnt phase me!) and it only took about 15-20 mins all up! Hubby said i was very brave and he couldn't believe i was watching it being done!

I have wanted a tattoo for a while (started talking about it when hubby got his done years ago) but i wasn't exactly sure what i wanted so didnt want to get it til i was. I always knew i wanted it about my girls, and for anyone who knows me and my family knows that from birth we have called Hannah princess, Caitlyn angel and Eleisha butterfly. They know what they are called too and will often correct people who for example call Caitlyn princess etc! I tried to think how i could combine these three things to symbolize my girls but for the life of me i couldn't think how i would like it until i came up the idea below which is simple but means a lot to me!!

Here is what i came up with on the computer which is what i took to the tattooist!

And here is the final product, placed on my left wrist!! (excuse the shine but its still covered in bepanthen!!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Final pair of PJ's (for now!)

Sorry i have been MIA but i have been without a camera for the past week as i had to give back the one i was borrowing and i only received my camera back from being fixed today!! WOW that was a long wait...i think it was close to 2 months to fix my camera but at least it was under warranty or else it would have cost me almost $600 to repair!!

Anyway here is the final pair of Oliver + S pj's for my girls for now, (i cant say i wont make more as im getting really really good and QUICK at them!!). This was some of the fabric i picked up at spotlight for $2 a metre!! There werent too many fabrics that i liked on the sale rack but this was cute and thought it would make some nice pj's so all up these cost me about $4 to make!! C is very happy that she has her pair, she kept telling me she was being very patient lol!

Will hopefully be back soon with some more sewing projects completed. The next few patterns on my list are these Oliver + S patterns. Not sure which pattern to start with and also which child :-)

2 + 2 blouse & pleated skirt

sunday brunch jacket + a-line skirt

Keep watching this space.....

Monday, May 11, 2009


I had an order today for 100 cupcakes. I originally was asked to give them a price, then next thing i knew they came back and accepted only for me to find out the order was for today (the day after mothers day!!). They had to be in the city this morning by 730am which meant a big day of baking yesterday!! Oh well you live and learn! The asked for simple iced cupcakes (for a work morning tea) and here are a few pics!

Note to self...really must be more organised and make the flowers in advance not on the day!!!

Have a pretty busy week but will hopefully update my blog again soon :-)

Friday, May 8, 2009


Today at kinder Eleisha got a balloon from a girl who was celebrating her birthday today! When we got it home i decided that we should go for a walk with the balloon and get some photos with it as i have been meaning to get out and capture the rich colours that autumn bring! In no time i will be wishing i could still see those gorgeous colours once winter sets in, and its also a lot harder to take outside pics when its cold and raining all the time!

Anyhoo, here are a few pics for our little adventure!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Saturday was Hannah's second basketball game! I missed her first game as it was my sisters wedding! The girls are all from school and are in both grade 1 and grade 2 - they have been put in under 10's though as some of the girls turn 8 soon therefore making them ineligible for under 8's!

The lost the game 36 - 2 but that was exciting for them all the same as they scored their first goal! The last game they lost 40 - 0 so theres hope for them yet!!

Having played basketball for 18 years now and being quiet a competitive person (in sport that is, i dont think that runs into any other aspect of my life but then again i think im a different girl on the basketball court!!! :D) i have to watch myself and tell hannah as long as she is having fun and trying her best then thats all that matters!!

Here are a few pics from her game! Really proud mummy moment - how cute is she in her uniform!!

oh and the one team foul on the scorebaord was Hannah's - just like her mummy already :D

You guessed it - more PJ'S!

So i have now finished H's pj's! I promised her yesterday that she could wear them to bed tonight so i had a big day today of sewing!! I am actually getting really good at these jammies and really have learnt alot making them (3 times now! cant say the $$ spent on the pattern hasnt been worth it can i??!!) I have to make them at least one more time soon as C is still waiting for me to sew her pj's!

Anyway here are some pics! Hannah picked the fabric, which is a lovely lemon colour and has little fairies with glitter all over them! Doesn't she look proud to be wearing them :-)

Hope your not getting too sick of seeing these, i REALLY want to start sewing some other patterns but i need to be a fair mum and complete the pj's i promised all 3 of the girls!!!

Happy sewing all...will be back soon with another post as i have been a little slack in posting lately :-)