Thursday, March 27, 2008

Toilet Training - the JOYS!

Potty Time!
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Today and yesterday we have hit the jackpot with potty training! For the past few months Eleisha has sporadically sat on the potty most of the time to exclaim "its not working mum!" in only a way she could! Well yesterday the penny dropped and as she was sitting there and i was on the phone talking to my sister about how funny it is that Eleisha will sit there but still not know to do wee on there she exclaims VERY loudly and even more so PROUDLY..."ITS WORKING!!"

Well i jumped off the phone to see if it possibly could have worked and was happy to see it had! Since then we have had 2 days of being housebound in order to continue with the potty training which seems to be working really well! No accidents (YET) and only nappies for bed time!

So all in all it was an exciting day today...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Caitlyn's Easter Hat

Here is Caitlyn's easter hat the she made for kinder! All she wanted was for it to be purple as that is her favourite colour (for the moment anyway!!) I tried not to help her with the painting etc as the kinder specified that they wanted it to be made by the kids not parents (but i put it altogether for her i think otherwise that would be asking a 4 year old a bit much!!)

Hannah's Easter Hat

Well i have finally set up my flickr account so that i can post photos from there to this blog!! So, whilst i have been MIA action for a whole week (hey its been easter long weekend, my sister had a baby and excuses, excuses, excuses!!) i hope this will be even more motivation to post on my blog more often!! I helped Hannah with her hat and she really wanted it to be pink! There was an awesome hat at her school which was a chocolate easter egg looking hat (it went over his face) was really effective, might have to try that one in the future!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Hats!!!

Well, i think i am officially all easter hat'd out this week!! Hannah had her easter hat parade yesterday and Caitlyn has hers tomorrow! I feel as if i have spent all week painting and decorating pieces of cardboard all to get used once!! I have definitely used all my creative juices on easter hats this week! Oh well it is so cute to watch and its not long im sure until they grow up and dont want to wear easter hats anymore!!
I hopefully will post some pics of the hats tomorrow! For now i really should get back to the kitchen, i have chocolate crackles and honey joys to make for the kinder party tomorrow!!
Til next time...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

To blog....or not to blog!!!

Well here it is, my first ever blog!! For a while now i have wondered if i should start this blog, would i be committed enough to keep it up to date and would it be interesting enough for people to read but hey its a great place to get thoughts out and share parts of my life so here goes!!
Today i went to a craft market and it was soooooo inspiring!! I left with so many ideas and so many new things i want to learn yet as i sit here tonight i am unsure where to start with it all and feeling a little overwhelmed!!! I guess i will see how much i have learnt (if anything at all :o) over the next few months.
Well thats it from me for tonight, until next time....