Thursday, March 27, 2008

Toilet Training - the JOYS!

Potty Time!
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Today and yesterday we have hit the jackpot with potty training! For the past few months Eleisha has sporadically sat on the potty most of the time to exclaim "its not working mum!" in only a way she could! Well yesterday the penny dropped and as she was sitting there and i was on the phone talking to my sister about how funny it is that Eleisha will sit there but still not know to do wee on there she exclaims VERY loudly and even more so PROUDLY..."ITS WORKING!!"

Well i jumped off the phone to see if it possibly could have worked and was happy to see it had! Since then we have had 2 days of being housebound in order to continue with the potty training which seems to be working really well! No accidents (YET) and only nappies for bed time!

So all in all it was an exciting day today...

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