Monday, September 21, 2009

A simple little popover sundress...

I made this dress for Eleisha this afternoon, its a Oliver + S pattern (free too!) and its called the popover sundress! Its so simple to make, and looks pretty cute on i think! Eleisha has a really bad cold/cough etc at the moment so she was not very co-operative when it came to smiling or letting me take her pic but here are a few snaps of the dress after she tried it on!

Free Pattern


  1. haha... I have that pattern and material, just haven't done it yet - how'd you find it? was it simple? I've made a few of their lazy days skirts which were soooo simple. Love it on Eleisha, she looks so cute! I find it hard to find cute patterns for the older girls tho... have you done much for your bigger girls??
    Love it xx

  2. Very cute. She looks so cranky though poor little mite. Hope she gets better soon and the dress brightened her day! She looks lovely in it by the way Lou :)

  3. I like your version with the denim. Looks cute on!

    I have cut mine out but I have a bad feeling that I will forget all about it and then it would be too small for DD later.