Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Sunday goodness...

Firstly just to apologise about the lack of blogging in the month of June!!! How very slack of me!! To my defence i have been completely FLAT OUT and barely had a second to stop so no time for blogging!! However, we have 3 weeks of school holidays starting tomorrow and i plan to get back into blogging and crafting and spending lots of time with my gorgeous stay tuned im sure i will have more posts to blog soon...

Anyway, we were meant to have friends over for morning tea today but they let us know early this morning that they werent going to make it. I had already planned on scones for morning tea so the girls and i set about making the scones together! They were very YUMMY and the girls wanted to make some chocolate milkshakes (another of their faves!!) Hannah even set about making us invitations to her special morning tea and wanted to make sure we would all be there!! After we had eaten we played a family game of charades (which has become a fav with Hannah lately). Family fun is SOOOO important, i cant wait for some more of that over the holidays as we let go of our routines and just enjoy being together!!

Anyway here are a few pics from our day so far..

Milkshake mustache!

Hannah loving her scones!

Can you tell she isnt impressed by the scone!! Caitlyn is a VERY fussy eater and it took her a bit of convincing to try this!

Sisterly love!!

I will be back tomorrow with some more blogging goodness!!


  1. Great pics! Good to see you blog again, I enjoy reading it. I agree on the family fun, yay for school holidays and the chance to do things out of the ordinary. I think I'm gonna try the lemon and date scones they did on Master Chef this week. Hope you all enjoy the holidays.

  2. What gorgeous photos Lou. They are amazing.