Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My baby turns 4!!!

I can hardly believe that my baby turned 4 yesterday!! Hubby and i have spent all week wondering how time has gone and how our little girls are growing up so quickly!! I really LOVE babies so in a way its hard to let go of knowing you wont have anymore!! In other ways its fabulous as babies really are hard work!! I have lots of sisters so im hoping as long as they keep having babies i should get my "fix" somewhere!!!

Eleisha has been talking about her birthday for a long time now and given that her birthday is the day after my birthday it makes for a busy time of the year!! I was going to throw Eleisha her first real party but a lot of the people we wanted to come were going away as it was a long weekend so we had a little get together with her cousins at maccas!

Here are a few pics i took of Eleisha throughout the day!

This is the new vanity thing we got Eleisha for her birthday, she loves it as you open the doors with a button on the wand and then its starts singing!!

Eleisha with the new library bag i made her. We put her sleeping beauty costume in the bag and also tickets to disney princess on ice which we will hear about for the next 4 weeks til we get to go lol!!

This photo truely captures Eleisha, this is just E being E!! (with her new barbies in hand!!)

Eleisha blowing out her candle on her cupcake at maccas!!

Oh and i heard her telling everyone at school this morning that she is turning 5!!! Wow..can we just be four for a while before we are turning 5 :-)


  1. Um ... NO! I remember Eleisha last year! Her birthday went on for months according to her! LOL
    She must take after her aunty ... *wink wink*

    And yes, where has the time gone? Gees - she's grown up soooooooo much the past few months.

    Love her so much

  2. Love the library bag! 4 years old eh...they grow up so fast.