Friday, May 29, 2009

Stripwork Skirt...and some funny moves!

I have had this pattern since before i even had a sewing machine! Yes thats right, before!!! I was keen and loved the pattern so i bought it online. I was meaning to make it up in beautiful summer girly colours but i ran out of time and here we are heading into winter...

So i found this fabric on etsy the other week and just fell in love with it! So different from the pinks and girly colours i usually buy the girls and i thought it was gorgeous autumn/winter colours so i bought it!! The fabric is Timeless Treasures Fabric - Apple Family. Here is a pick of my stash!

I finished the skirt earlier in the week and decided to applique an owl onto a plain white top! The applique i messed around with a bit and had ditzy moments trying to remember how to do it (i will blame it on the really bad cold im enduring this week!!!) so today i quickly finished the applique as Eleisha had been promised all week she could wear it to Aunty Tracey's birthday lunch today!!! (note to self: dont make promises to 3 year olds!) So i let her wear it but i am yet to stitch around the applique yet but E didnt notice!! :-)

Here are a few very quick pics i took of you can see E was far from wanting to be cooperative in letting me take some nice pics of her and the outfit!!

Am hoping to sew up a jacket to match this outfit...


  1. Just stunning Lou! The fabrics are gorgeous and I love the owl applique - well done!

  2. Lou the skirt and the top are DIVINE! Love love love. The fabric choices are beatiful. I will have to add these to my list of fabrics to buy.

  3. WOW!! Wonderful fabrics for a great pattern :)

  4. Just GORGEOUS Lou! I love the fabrics. The applique looks awesome. I love looking at your pictures!

  5. Gorgeous skirt Lou! I have eyed those fabrics myself too. Maybe I should get it after seeing the lovely skirt you have made.

  6. LOVE that skirt! I so wish I had a little girl to sew for!

  7. Simply Divine! Well done!! I'm inspired! Mel xox

  8. I'm in love with this fabric and you've done an amazing job with that outfit, it's gorgeous! I love the owl and the skirt, well done!

  9. Hi :)
    I was wondering if you would make up one of these outfits to sell?
    In a size 3, with a summer t-shirt?
    I LOVE it!
    Can you email me at