Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You guessed it - more PJ'S!

So i have now finished H's pj's! I promised her yesterday that she could wear them to bed tonight so i had a big day today of sewing!! I am actually getting really good at these jammies and really have learnt alot making them (3 times now! cant say the $$ spent on the pattern hasnt been worth it can i??!!) I have to make them at least one more time soon as C is still waiting for me to sew her pj's!

Anyway here are some pics! Hannah picked the fabric, which is a lovely lemon colour and has little fairies with glitter all over them! Doesn't she look proud to be wearing them :-)

Hope your not getting too sick of seeing these, i REALLY want to start sewing some other patterns but i need to be a fair mum and complete the pj's i promised all 3 of the girls!!!

Happy sewing all...will be back soon with another post as i have been a little slack in posting lately :-)


  1. Well done Lou- they look great! I guess that is the downside of 3 kids - 3 pairs of pj's - but they are looking great. You should be a professional by now!

  2. All of your PJ's look fantastic! How long would it take you to make one pair?

  3. very cute! she does look very proud in them! xoxo