Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Saturday was Hannah's second basketball game! I missed her first game as it was my sisters wedding! The girls are all from school and are in both grade 1 and grade 2 - they have been put in under 10's though as some of the girls turn 8 soon therefore making them ineligible for under 8's!

The lost the game 36 - 2 but that was exciting for them all the same as they scored their first goal! The last game they lost 40 - 0 so theres hope for them yet!!

Having played basketball for 18 years now and being quiet a competitive person (in sport that is, i dont think that runs into any other aspect of my life but then again i think im a different girl on the basketball court!!! :D) i have to watch myself and tell hannah as long as she is having fun and trying her best then thats all that matters!!

Here are a few pics from her game! Really proud mummy moment - how cute is she in her uniform!!

oh and the one team foul on the scorebaord was Hannah's - just like her mummy already :D


  1. Well hey Hannah , Well dione on your foul... Love you , all us girls the same we love to foul! XOXOXO LOve ya xoxoxo

  2. YAY Hannah! Hey at least they scored this time huh?
    Great work Han on the foul! Might just have to go to a game soon ... love you xoxo