Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crafty Events!

Well i am trying to organise my week and realised that this week The Stitches and Craft Show is on in Melbourne.  I LOVE this event and hope i can fit it in my week as its on wed - sun but Thursday Hannah has her assembly (which her class are running - cant miss this!) and Friday we leave for a holiday. I really want to see the movie also of Handmade Nation which they are showing at this event (by Faythe Levine). So if any of you are interested in craft you should try and get along to this event this week, it really is worthwhile and very inspiring!

Also on my to do list is Magnolia Square.  It is on in Malvern Town Hall on the 26-28th March and if you have never been you really should!!  I do love it, even if you are just going for a look and some ideas (things can be a little more expensive here i think but they are gorgeous!!)

So, this is a bit of a mundane post really, but blogger has become my new journal/diary so if none of my readers are interested it still makes it faster for me to find the information!

We are off to Mornington Craft Market now, (see this post is really all about craft markets!)  Also another recommendation if you have never been!

Enjoy the long weekend all...


  1. I've been thinking I'd love to go to the stitches and craft show too! Unfortunatly this week is really busy for us and I don't think I'll get there either. Although considering the boys went to the motor show yesterday maybe I could consider it as 'quality girl time'.

    Oh, have a nice holiday! Where are you going?

  2. I would go to the s&c show too - if I had money i reckon it would be awesome!
    Love you and gonna miss you when you are away ... what will I do!!!???

  3. Bec you definitely should go! Tra come with me??!! Im gonna go wed once i drop the girls at school...xo

  4. oh and we are going to the Gold Coast for 10 days Bec...we cant wait :-)

  5. yep my blog's a diary too - can't wait to slurp it up into a blurb photo book! But just for the record I love your blog - even the stuff that seems mundane! xx

  6. Lou, you'll have to post about the show, my week has gotten too busy. Would love to hear about it though. Enjoy the Gold Coast!