Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun in the sun!

Holidays are such a wonderful time out of lifes hustle and bustle! Relaxing by the sea is something i could definitely get used to! We had a wonderful time filled with lots of swimming, laughing, relaxing, eating, walking and more laughing!

We headed up to the Gold Coast where George's dad and step mum lives, and we caught up with them for a couple of days before they headed off overseas and we enjoyed staying in their apartment!

This is the girls with their poppy George and granny Varri (yes my husband is called George and so is his dad and dad's dad!! PHEW thank goodness we had a girl first :D)

We had a wonderful seafood lunch sitting on the boardwalk with George's parents before they left! Was lovely and relaxing and great to spend time together

We had a great day at dreamworld and also the water park that has opened up as part of dreamworld! The girls LOVED the waterslides and didnt want to leave

George got called onto the stage for a nickelodeon show we were watching, he had to be silly and dress up and the girls thought he was hillarious!!! I couldnt help but think that in only a few short years im sure this would be more of a "ohhh dad" {embarrassment} so we will treasure this moment in which they were so proud of their dad!!

We spent a gorgeous sunny day at Byron Bay (this is the first time we had been there). We checked out the lighthouse and the picturesque views from up that high. We then spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach, swimming and playing and then ended the day with fish and chips on the beach. Was a really lovely are some pics

As you can see i have a thing for sun-flare photos at the moment, im sure the phase will pass!

We also drove up to Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast, here are a few pics from here

Here are a few other pics from our holiday. My camera broke half way through the holidays {SOB} so it is about to go off for a service so i didnt get pics of a few days of our holidays but im sure the hundreds in this post will do for today :D

Hopefully looking at these pics might give you a sense of relaxation...


  1. Love Holidays! Looks like you had a great time and the pics are just beautiful.

  2. Relaxed ... NO! Jealous? VERY!!!!!

    Time away looked amazing!! LOVE that photo of weeshy 'posing' with Dora!
    Love the pic of George on stage! haha ... fitted the part perfectly! LOL
    Love you & so glad you are home now!

  3. mmm, i could use a relaxing time away like that !! Looks like you had a ball xoxoxoxo Love you oxoxoxoxo

  4. Oh my goodness... how did I miss this post??!! Love all the pics - looks like you had an amazing and fun time away. We're going over Christmas... so far away, but your photos have made me excited. And those prawns... mmm