Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few projects done...

This week i have been helping to organise my nephews 1st birthday. It was a week of firsts for me as i made some bunting for the party (first time doing this). It was pretty easy (but seemingly time consuming!) and i think my girls would love some in their rooms. I forgot to get a photo before giving it to my sister so the photo is from the party.

I also appliqued for the first time too. I bought a red top (i could only find long sleeve so he didnt get to wear it for most of the party! but since its coming into winter i struggled to find any plain tshirts!). I knew i wanted to applique a number 1 onto the front and i ended up putting a little cookie monster on the back of the top! It also was quite an easy and effective project (and not too time consuming even better!) so this is a winner. Again forgot to take any pics of the top so here is one of the birthday bot wearing the top...

On Friday night i made the cupcakes for Jett's party and i enlisted the help of my wonderful friend Kez. It ended up that my sister Kez also came over to sleep the night so we had her helping also!! I am not sure i would have got these finished if it wasnt for their help and laughter! Things are always so much easier when shared with people you love, we were up til 1:30am doing these but we didnt feel tired cos we were too busy having fun!

Here is a pic of the two Kez's...

Dont they look great for 1:30am :-)

This was what we all were doing once we finished. Was a very funny sight to see, early hours of the morning with 3 girls and their cameras taking pics! Kez got a new baby (aka camera!) and so i took a pic of her!

The finished product!

Was a great party, my sister did a lovely job and im sure the birthday boy had fun and got lots of pressies!!


  1. You seriously did sooooooooooo much for me this week! Thankyou so much ... hope you know I appreciate it heaps and heaps.
    Love you xoxo

  2. those cupcakes are totally amazing. I love them xox

  3. Amazing cakes lou! you are such a great sister... I totally missed out having only a brother! Love how it's 1.30 and you still stopped to take pics. xx

  4. They are fantastic. You seriously need to do a tutorial for us mere mortals.