Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well no photos are anything fancy today but some good news to share! Went back to the neurologist today to get the results from my MRI and the brain and spine were all clear...thus ruling out MS (Multiple Sclerosis) which is what i was told 3 months ago was more than likely what i had!! I am still not much closer to knowing what is causing my unusual symptoms that are still persisting, but i am thankful and will sleep better tonight knowing i dont have to deal with this disease!

I do however have a new found respect and appreciation for people who deal with this disease (and many others) on a daily basis with a smile on their face!

Im so happy tonight i could sing.....FA LA LA LA (thats as good as it gets!!)

Anyway keep smiling til next time...


    I am so delighted and thrilled for you Lou!!!!!!
    Well not that you still have the unusual symptoms but that it's not MS. I have been thinking of you all day, Glad it was fantastic news. I'd say that mixed with Tracey and Kai doing so well today, it's been a good day all round.
    Love Ya xoxox

  2. Lou that's awesome news - what a scary prospect for you, but now you can celebrate that you don't have to worry about it! yay! xx

  3. Hey Lou. So happy to hear your news! What a relief. I have been on a journey with a health concern recently that turned out to be nothing much. But I understand what you mean by appreciating what others go through. It does give you a perspective of the uncertainty and unknown some people experience. hope you find some more answers soon. xx

  4. So happy to hear the results were good for you! And how funny that we are both doing the same bag challenge!! Can't wait to see yours. Love Etsy but haven't ordered fabric from there yet, love to see what you get!