Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All TIE'd up!

This is just a really quuick post with a photo i wanted to share! I sent my girls today in their winter uniform , since Melbourne has been soooo cold and this is the first time C has worn it! Isnt she soooo cute! (biased mummy moment!!) I think she is growing up soooo fast this year!! Where has my little girl gone! (Well actually she is still little as you can see the dress is HUGE on her...and i think i definitely need to take it up!)

I love the cooler weather for being all snuggly in warm clothes and hot cocoa (a fave lately of my girls!) and also cos its good weather for baking!!


  1. Yummy that cake looks yummy as does the hot choc, a definite fave of mine. Caitlyn looks gorgeous in her winter uniform, it's amazing how quick they seem to grow up when they start school. xx

  2. KK is so beautiful! Love her so much.

    Thanks for the invite on the cake! NOT! :-) and ill have my hot choc with all milk, no sugar and two marshmellows! Thanks ... hehehe.

    Loveya xoxox

  3. Caitlyn has grown heaps..she is very beautiful ! That cake was sooo yummy ... xoxoo Love you