Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First time at sewing!

Well, today i finally used my sewing machine, that my lovely hubby bought me for Christmas! It was another one of my ingenious ideas, i think i will start sewing! Yes it was that simple in my mind! However after sewing ALL DAY today and still not finishing my first ever sewing project (an apron) i have learnt its not that easy!!

Here are a few pics of my WIP!

This is my setup at the kitchen table, halfway through the days work

This is the pattern i am attempting to make. Notice it says its SO EASY!! Ha!

This is how the apron looks after todays effort! I need to add the pockets and also i think i will add some ric rac or some other sort of embellishment to finish it off!

Here's to more sewing and getting quicker at it!!!


  1. I think it looks great you clever thing you ...
    loveya xoxox

  2. Okay so here's my apron ramblings - About a month ago I thought I'd get into sewing too (we really should meet - lots of similar loves! lol!) And funnily enough an apron seemed to be the simple thing to start with! So I just used an existing apron as a template... turned out ok, but thought I'd get a pattern to do one for payton. Ha! The pattern just makes it a lot more difficult! It was ridiculous... then I remembered something about you making one and realised that we bought the same cupcake material from spotlight! too funny...
    so I'll keep working on my aprons without a pattern (I don't need darts in my aprons!) - won't look as good as yours though!! xx

  3. too funny Helen! I agree, half the time i ingnored the instructions for how too make the apron. The obvious choice of material was cupcakes - funny that you have the material too!