Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gratitude Wrap...

Well i decided to finally make a gratitude wrap today, i have been meaning to make one for a couple of weeks! You can read all about how to make one here and you can also see the reason behind them here!

I started sewing this morning then my sis Tracey called to say that they had a power blackout so they came around to my house where there was power. They stayed a couple of hours and just as they left all the power in my house (and area) had a blackout!!! I lost my power for nearly 4 hours and it was SOOOOO hot!! I cant imagine living without some sort of cooling in this heat. On a good note whilst we had no power i started to read a book i have been meaning to read for a while, and i am now half way through it and completely engrossed! (hopefully finish it tonight!!)

Anyway, dont look too closely at my pics. I have made sooo many mistakes in making this wrap! I guess thats one way to learn right?? I decided after today i really need to invest in some lessons, especially in regards to bias binding ARRGGGHHH!!

Here are the pics

Oh i forgot to say, you can use these to put in cards, and stamps and pens with the idea being (as you might have read if you read the links above) that you always have stuff handy to write thank yous or letters of appreciation. I think i will put a diary and a notebook and pens in this one! I just have to get to the shops to find a nice diary and notepad!


  1. looks great! Really great.

    Thanks so much for ysterday! Here's hoping we survive today!

    Love ya heaps xoxo

  2. hey lou, You are soo clever, I would like to place an order, i will come over an buy the app material, i need one for a pressie....START SEWING...Love you heaps, I love your creativity !!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Tracey's.

    Just wanted to say your gratitude wrap is gorgeous! Love it! I hate bias binding too but there is a tutorial that explains it really well. Here is the link...

    Love your blog by the way. Bec xx

  4. ooohh soo cute. I have seen these done before and they have been on my mental to-do-when-i-get-time list hehe I am coming to donna's party! I'm not running it though cos donna has a different rep, look forward to re-meeting u there! hehe

  5. Hey Lou, That looks fantastic!!! Is there anything you can't do??