Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well its been AGES since i last blogged!! I have for some reason found the interest and time to want to start blogging again, so lets see how successful i am this time around!  Maybe its just the new year, you know, all the resolutions you make and good intentions you have!  I certainly have plenty of those.

Some of my "resolutions" for this year 2009, are to make more time to do the things that i want to do (crafty mainly!), to be more organisined (two kids at school this year I'm thinking this might be a good res to stick to!!), and to eat much more healthily as a family (more so just knowing what is going into our bodies, less processed and more FRESH!).  I am sure i have more than those, but they are the ones i can think of at this late hour of the night!

Anyway i am going to leave it there for now, i am going to post a couple of photos from the past few days!

More blogging soon...(fingers crossed!)

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