Monday, January 26, 2009

Summer Days...

Yesterday we took the girls down to Phillip Island for the afternoon/night. Our first stop down there was to see the koala's which the girls loved - we only saw about 8 or so though and were expecting to see a few more!

We then went to the beach for a play and a swim!!! It was a beautiful afternoon and the girls just love it when we go to the beach! We are lucky enough to go a fair bit as we only live twenty mins or so out of frankston and over an hour to get to the island!

After that we went and had some dinner before heading to the penguin parade! We sat waiting for the penguins from 8:15pm til nearly 9:30pm before the first one showed up but it was a beautiful experience though and well worth the wait!!


  1. hey lou, I just realised something, were you the lady who came into the activate church offices to take pics of the leadership? Cos i think we met, I am pretty sure it was your youngest you had with you; she was a real cutie. Your photos are AMAZING. you are so talented! xox

  2. Hey Rach...that was me! I "met" so many people that day that i dont remember much!!! I had all 3 of my girls with me that probably remember the youngest cos she is so LOUD :-)