Monday, February 23, 2009

A celebration for a few reasons....

Today was my dads birthday, so we all headed up to the "farm" to celebrate! It was a great night where we all got to celebrate together. My girls had been so excited to go there tonight, they were in their bathers as soon as they got home from school. They had a swim with their cousins which is always lots of fun!

I made dad a birthday cake which was demolished! Hopefully that is a good indication that it was yummy! It took me all afternoon so hopefully it was good!!!

Here is dad while we were all singing "Happy Birthday" to him!

This is the cake once i finished decorating it! It was chocolate layer cake with ganache in between the layers iced in chocolate buttercreme with violet crumble bits!! (very healthy as you can see!!!)

This is another one of the grandkids favourites, "the gator" or otherwise known as the poppy mobile!! As you can see they LOVE it!

There was also another highlight of our night! Our little nephew Jett started to walk!! YAY! It was soooooooo cute (very proud aunty moment here!!) and i got a couple of snaps of him taking these steps! How cute is he?!

I did it! Im so excited!!

Might post the recipe tomorrow for the cake for anyone interested...

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  1. That cake was AWESOME!! Thanks. Even Kai was talking about it on the way home ... hehe

    Dad looks so proud in the photos ... I love it

    Kai was obviously not on the gator.

    AND OMGosh! I have the flippin cutest boys in the world! And stole your photos and put them on my facebook ... hehehe!

    You captured the moment so so well ...

    Thanks a bunch ... xoxoxo