Friday, February 20, 2009

A new era!

Today my baby had her first full day of kinder! Ok so its only 2.5 hours a week but to me thats a huge deal! I am not used to having any "child free" time during my weeks over the past 7.5 years so it makes me feel a little lost! This morning during my few hours i was going to come home and put on some music and clean up the house with no interruptions! However, it didn't take me much convincing to drop the cleaning and head to the shops for a coffee with my sis! Plenty of time for cleaning!

Eleisha LOVES kinder. We already have a PILE of pastings and paintings from only a couple of half sessions! Every morning she wakes and asks if its kinder today and generally the answer is no! I am happy for her to be at kinder but part of me is sad that the era of having my babies home all day everyday has gone! Dont get me wrong there have been days when i would have given my right arm for a little peace and a few child free hours, however on a whole, i have loved the precious and valuable time i have been able to spend with my girls, watching them grow and teaching them a variety of different things (and them teaching me plenty too!!). So, i guess its left me wondering what i might like to do once all my girls are at school? (ok so thats still a few years away yet but the question seems to be asked by me more and more often lately!).

One thing i notice as my girls have grown is how much more organised i am as every year goes by. Like this year, having 2 of my girls at school has made me much more organised with things like lunches, baking, homework, activities, washing (to name a few)! I seem to "embrace" more my title of "mum" as each year passes. Im not sure if thats because my girls are getting older its easier to do, or (and this is what i think it is) being a mum is such a long learning curve, each year (month, week & day!) you learn a bit more about your child, or about being more efficient with housework, or how to fit in homework, snack, bath and dinner before hubby gets home but its a learning curve i embrace and strive to get better and better at!

Anyway enough ramblings from me for now, here is a quick snap of my kinder girl!


  1. She is so cute! If you ever feel the need to fill in some 'child free' time you can borrow mine for a few hours ... hehehe

    I actually got 3 pics from Kai today too - I was like WOW Kai - hehe. HE must have been following Eleisha around last week!

  2. Aww such a cute pic... how wierd is it not having to occupy little ones!! And your reflections on motherhood becoming more and more natural as the days, weeks, years go by - so true! Great post... now you just have to decide what you'll do in your next lot of 2.5 hours next week. Don't do anything productive I say - just relax!! xx

  3. thats encouraging to read that you do get more efficient: I have often wondered how i will go when I have 2 considering that even now with just one, I find it hard to keep up with the housework!