Thursday, April 2, 2009

Athletics Carnival!

Today the girls had their athletics day. It started straight after their Easter Chapel service this morning and went until the finish of school. It was a long, fun and VERY exhausting day for all of us. The girls loved that i stayed all day and watched all their events and i know that not all mums have the opportunity to do that so i feel blessed that i can!

Caitlyn got a first in relay race and a second in long jump! Not bad for probably one of the smallest preps!! Hannah also got a second in relay! Very proud mum moment!

Here are a few pics from our day...

Caitlyn doing her high jump!

Hannah doing relay

Hannah doing long jump

Caitlyn doing long jump

The girls at home once they had finished their ice creams!!


  1. So reminds me of Oxley days! hehehe loveya xoxo

  2. Well Done Hannah and Caitlyn , WOW you have 2 sporty children , there faces tells everyone how proud they are !! Love you Guys.....xoxoxo

  3. Oh wow I just found your blog through the newbies EB sewing thread and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your post on your evening routine.
    You are so right in needing to reinforce all the good that we see in our children and reaffirm how much they are loved.
    I'm a mum of three girls too and seeing pics of your girls (they are older than my three!) gives me a glimpse of some of the future, which is great as every day I wish I could stop them growing so I could keep them here with me forever!
    Now I can see that there are great times to come that are different to those we have now.
    Beautiful, beautiful girls.
    Congrats to you and your husband.

  4. This post reminds me of sports day in school. Your girls are lovely and sporty too! Great post to keep those small memories.