Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick pic...

Not much really to share today, thought i would post this funny pic of my girls at swimming lessons yesterday! We are well and truely back into the swing of school now, with all the after school activities beginning! I am enjoying being back in routine, i think we all function better with it!

Hannah resumed swimming lessons yesterday and is doing well. Caitlyn had her first swimming lesson (we finally convinced her it has taken us 2 years for her to be brave enough for swimming lessons!) She must have done something right as she ended up with 2 certificates at the end of the lesson!! YAY CAITLYN! Eleisha is also doing swimming lessons on a Monday during the day, as it then fills up some time with her during the day and gives her something else to look forward to when the girls are at school! I think that 3 year old kinder should be more than one session a week!!!

Anyway i am trying to sew some pj's at the moment, they are proving a little harder than anticipated but hopefully will be back later with some pics of the final product!!

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