Sunday, April 19, 2009

A sneak peek!

Yesterday was my sisters wedding!!  It was a wonderful day and i had a blast at the reception and paid for it today :-) 

I thought i would share a couple of pics with everyone. I helped take the photos yesterday (and am thankful i am NOT a wedding photographer as i definitely felt completely out of my comfort zone!

Me trying to be artistic lol...

This is my neice and nephew (bride and grooms children).  I was having trouble getting a nice pic of them together then T spontaneously kisses E on the cute!

The happy couple

These are the cupcakes i made for her wedding cake...

My gorgeous nephew

Jane in the mustang on the way...

I just LOVE this photo! This is my nana and pa dancing on the dance floor.  Pa was telling me earlier that he now has 27 GREAT grandchildren!! WOW!

Anyway thats all for this sneak peek, might post more at a later date!


  1. I wanna delete my photos! HA!

    Love the first one - great shot! That photo of Jane in the car is amazing!

    You are awesome love you xox

  2. Oooh finally!! YAY, been waiting for you and tray to put SOMETHING, anything up! lol!
    They are gorgeous photos, the one of Jane in the car is amazing, she looks so happy... precious.
    And the cupcakes Lou - wow! just beautiful, so sweet. Love all the pics, thanks for sharing (oh and LOVE the first one too - have NO idea how you got it, lol)Looks like an amazzing day - glad you all had fun xx

  3. The pics are stunning Lou, and the cakes look divine!! Jane just looks so beautiful and Tyler is such a spunky boy. Glad you guys had such a great time xx

  4. I love the one in the car too! and the last one is so precious!

  5. thats beautiful. I love the moments you have caught. the dancing one is fabulous! xox

  6. Lou, you should seriously think about setting up a photography business. Seriously, you have talent there. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  7. gorgeous! And can I have cupcakes? yummy!!

  8. Gorgeous pics Lou. The cupcakes look so yummy, I can practically taste them LOL.

  9. What amazing photos Lou!! Your sister has beautiful eyes.

  10. Oh wow - are your sister's eyes really that blue or have you enhanced them!!
    The cupcakes are amazing and I really like your artistic shot.

  11. Karen - she does have the most blue eyes i have ever seen - very light so no i did not enhance them at all!