Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An old chair....

I got this old chair from my MIL about a month ago. We went to her house to collect some things that she was going to get rid of and i rescued this little old chair from the tip pile and have been meaning to fix it up.

Today, well actually it was about 4pm this afternoon, i got motivated to finally sand it back and repaint it. I also decided to make a cushion and a cushion cover to tie it to the newly painted chair!

This is the end result, quite cute (no way near perfect!) for a couple of hours of my time!

Here is the next project on my list, i have had this cradle since before christmas. I picked it up from an op shop (ich liebe op shops!!) for $7 which i thought was better than the $70 i saw a really cute dolls cradle for in the toy shop! Hopefully i will get to this one too in the next couple of weeks. Any ideas or suggestions let me know :-) ...and yes the dog and butterfly will def be going!


  1. wow...wat can i find for you to restore xxxx love you your amazing xxxx

  2. What a great job on the chair, good as new! The cushion looks colourful and happy too.

  3. Gorgeous!! Very clever and inspiring.

  4. how gorgeous is that chair... love it. the cot's cute too! I am sure I had a few items when I was little with a similar painting of a little dog... ahhh memories!xx

  5. Hey lou, when i saw the pic of your cot, it reminded me of this set i saw awhile ago. I don't know if its your taste, but i loved the effect! http://www.marthastewart.com/article/decoupage-ideas-for-the-nursery?autonomy_kw=nursery%20furniture&rsc=header_3

    Love the chair! xox