Thursday, April 16, 2009


50th post on my blog!

I am celebrating 50 posts on my blog! YAY! I think its fair to say i am addicted to blogging - and i have all of you to thank!  I love receiving comments on my posts but most of all i LOVE all the inspiration and motivation i gain from reading other blogs!

I made another margaret bag, this time i made it smaller and with a longer strap so that it can go across my body! YAY I LOVE IT!! I much prefer this fabric too, its more subtle and more likely that i will use this one!! The other one is still too bold for my liking so i am not sure what to do with it! Hopefully give it away to someone who will make use of it!

Here are some pics of my new bag...

And again THANK YOU to my blogging friends...and celebrating 50 posts with me!


  1. ooooooohhhhhh, I love this bag. I love the fabric. It's gorgeous!!!

  2. Hey Lou. Love that bag - it looks divine. Gorgeous. You are clever. And congrats on the big 5 0. xx

  3. Congrats on the 50th post - time flies doesn't it!
    Great bag - love the colours and the idea of making it smaller. I'm an across-the-body bag person too.

  4. This one is cute and the fabric is lovely. I like the colours. ah, you should use your first bag might grow on you.

  5. Lou, congrats on 50 posts... I've loved reading every one of them, you always bring a spark and a smile to my day. Gorgeous bag too... I love it!

  6. ooohhh sooo pretty! I have to make a bag one of these days xox

  7. Hi Lou

    I just saw you comment on my swap post blog entry. I can't an email address though. At this stage there is no strict price guide as some people are using stuff from their stash. The items don't have to be exactly the same in fabric etc but they have to be the same thing. For example if you made a pin cushion they all have to be pin cushions you can make one pin cushion, one bag etc. If you still want to join in can you email me asap